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The amazing, modern and clean app of everything. Mobile browsing Now Available. Your OKSOCIAL mobile friendly profile look and work great on all android device!, effective and incredible focused way to access your account. you will have all the tools to interact with your family your friends and your content seamlessly, on any device!

oksocial android
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Big and Small Improvements

Full Access to over 50 functions.

We went through every OKSOCIAL module and improved them all, a lot. They're all cleaner, more efficient, better-looking and all-around-cooler now. We even made a list of modules and features for you to marvel. We're excited to share what we've done and believe that the new OKSOCIAL will liven-up users all around the world.

OKSOCIAL Powered App now available on Google play store

OKSOCIAL makes connecting with other members effortless, sharing is addictive, and posting is rewarding.

The new advance Profile and Accounts will give an elegant overview of your friends activity, while Outline will beautifully present your friend's photos, videos, groups. you name it... The new interface design of OKSOCIAL is all about focusing attention of users to your profile content, while displaying it the best way possible, making them browse and share, amazed!


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oksocial android

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