We are serious about keeping oksocial a safe and secure place.
If the profile was removed by oksocial, it was because of a violation of our Terms of Use which can include a number of issues (inappropriate images, spam, cyberbullying, underage user, etc). Please review our Terms of Use by clicking here. Please note that once a profile or content has been deleted, it cannot be reactivated. Here are the most common reasons why oksocial would delete your profile:

1. the profile contained nude photos

2. the profile displayed racist content

3. there were videos or pictures showing sexual or violent acts

4. there was gang-related content

5. the user was found to be underage (under age 13)

6. your profile violated someone else's copyright-protected content

7. your profile was sending spam You are welcome to create a new profile, but be sure to carefully review our terms of use

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