Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger allows you to chat with any of the online site members tete-a-tete with Audio and Video streaming.

You are able to send any file (Pics, Audio or Video) to the person with whom you're chatting, view the member's profile, listen to their music and watch their video files.

Next to your chosen member's avatar you can see - "Profile" link (view members profile), "Send File" (click on this link then click on browse and choose the file you want to send, then click on send), "Music" link (a pop-up window with the member's music files will be loaded so you are able to listen to their music), "Video" link (will load a popup window with member's video files).

As soon as the member enables his web camera you can view them by clicking on "Play Video" at the left of the member's avatar. There are Pause, Stop and Play Audio buttons which will help you to control Video streaming.

Above the "Send" button, you can change your chat status to "Away", "Busy", "Online" and you can also see the status of the member you are chatting with at the top, above the member's avatar

Our chat allows you to create your own rooms and make it Password Protected (by setting up a password for the use of selected members) or public (will be available for all the members).

Private room

The Password protected room will be available for those who the room creator has invited and provided with the password. You can discuss things in private there and be assured that no uninvited persons will see your discussion.

To create this special room, just click on New Room, type a name for your room,  make  it protected by clicking the radio button next to "Password protected", set up your password (remember it) and type a description for this room.

As soon as the room is created, invite your friends to your protected room, but don't forget to send them the room name and your password, so they will be able to enter.

You can join and chat, not only in this chat room, but be present and have a fun conversation in many other rooms, as well.

Note please, the site administrator has the right to remove your room at any time.

Public room

The public room is created in the same way as the Private room, there is only one option you need to set up - the radio button should be activated next to "Public". That's all, create a public room and chat there with your friends as much as you wish

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