• If someone is bothering you on oksocial, Ignore them! A response or angry reaction is just what the other person wants you to do.

If you ignore them, they will likely get bored and move on.

  • Block them! To block unwanted contact from a member, click on that member's profile and select the "Block User" link below the member's primary photo. Once you've blocked a member, that member won't be able to send you messages, friend requests, fives or comments. Blocked users are also not able to see your full profile.

If you need to block a Friend, you will first need to remove them as a Friend. Please do not report for silly reasons or the email will be ignored.

oksocial prohibits any text or written content that is obviously offensive to the online community.
Text may appear on member profiles, messages, comments, or any other written medium. Prohibited content includes material that displays pornographic or sexually explicit material; promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm; harasses or advocates harassment of another person; involves the transmission of spam; is illegal, abusive, threatening, or obscene; promotes or is used primarily to display violent acts or illegal activities, or otherwise violates oksocial's Terms of Service Thank you for your assistance reporting offensive content to oksocial support.

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