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What is the percentage of black people in the world?

the size of the African Diaspora, globally. Here are some rough estimates:

    22.7 million black or black-mixed people living in the Caribbean
    ~67 million in South America (55 million in Brazil)
    42.9 million in North America
    1.5 million in Central America
    ~8 million in Europe
    ~300,000 in Asia [Note: This number is suspected to be higher, as the countries of the Arab Peninsula were not included in the count.]

{Source: African diaspora}

Total: 142.4 million in the Descendant Diaspora

Plus 30.6 million African emigrants living outside of Africa
{Source: African Diaspora Statistic - Homecoming Revolution}

Total: 173 million in the African Diaspora outside of Africa, including descendants and emigrants

Plus the population of Africa: 1.2 billion
{Source: Africa Population 2015}

TOTAL: 1.3 billion in the entirety of the African Diaspora

Total world population: 7 billion
Total African Diaspora: 1.3 billion
Percentage of World Part of African Diaspora: 18.5%
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