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We've created OkSocial digital music platform with one goal in mind and that's to brining the Caribbean Reggae and Dancehall music industry creators and contributor all under one umbrella


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OS digital streaming platform was built  for the next generation. Record Labels, Musicians Artists, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Managers, Producers, Directors, Radios, Engineer, DJs, Booking Agencies, Distributors, Publishers & Music Lovers.


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Music Genres: R&B, Rap, Pop, Reggae, Trap, Dancehall and music.  We Connect up with the GroupieWire network in order to deliver the latest digital music release to listeners in a safe and secure streaming environment...

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OS music industry platform was developed as a tool for the music industry creators and music lovers.

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  • Record label and recording studios
  • Music distributors and music publishers
  • Music streaming upload and downloads
  • Musician artists  and composers
  • Producers, DJs and radio host
  • Marketing, Influencers and promoters
  • Music managers and PR
  • Buy and sell digital products
  • Premium membership option available
  • Cloud storage available
  • Business marketing tools available
  • Share your music content and story
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