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Last Updated: Today at  2020 - 6:00 pm

Total Confirmed

58.6 Millions

Total Deaths

1.6 Million

Total Recovered

40 Millions

Mild Con 98% Critical 2% Rec 86%  RIP 14%

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Aquarius - Jan. 20 - Feb. 18
Aquarians tend to be entrancing, exciting and unpredictable, yet somehow strangely detached from their surroundings. They are one of the zodiac's most eccentric personalities. They are seekers of the new, unusual, and challenging which leads them in many directions. Aquarians may try many things but without stability they may master none. Aquarians are philanthropic and humanitarian by nature. The...


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"The black masses reject the Uncle Tom approach of the Negro leadership that has been handpicked by the white man. These Uncle Tom leaders don’t speak for the Negro majority, they don’t speak for the black masses. They speak for the black bourgeoisie, the brainwashed white minded, middle class minority. Who are ashamed of black and don’t want to be identified with the black masses"

Malcolm X


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