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Please Note.
any of the list below will have your profile suspended or deleted an your I.P address block from the oksocial network.


  • + Copyright Violation.
  • + Imposter profile.
  • + negative influence.
  • + Phishing attack.
  • + Identity theft.
  • + Spam, Spammers.
  • + Cyber-bullying.
  • + Inappropriate Content.
    • + Predator Alert.
    • + Child Pornography.
    • + Sexually explicit material.
    • + Fake Profile.
    • +Images with naked view.
    • +Adult porno videos.


Scams and Fraud
No matter where we are or what we're doing, a handful of people can make it difficult for everyone. This is true in the online advertising area as well. Use the same common sense you'd use in the real world when reading an ad. If it's too good to be true, it's a scam. Please read about these common scam types to educate yourself. Read More...

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There are 2 ways you can edit your privacy settings
Chances are you may have misspelled your password or had your CAPS on while typing your password.
We have many means of communication on this site. 1) There is an instant messages system. 2) There is also a video chat section where groups of members can engage in conversations 3) There is a private Intant Messenger system that allows for one-on-one communication.
Members can upload Photos in various categories and Other members can vote on a scale (eg 1 to 10) of how hot they are.
members to send virtual gifts to each other. Has many unique features such as the ability to Gift Wrap, ability to send Video Gifts, ability to send Birthday Gifts etc. Furthermore, there is a very huge selection of gifts to choose from.
Members to ask Questions and others to Post Answers.
Members can purchase gold in bulk (via Paypal) and use them as needed to pay for features/services. Members can pay for memberships using gold Once a member pays to view an item, they have access
Flirts allows members to send short messages/notes to other members. These can come from a predefined list or members can write their own.
members can purchase a Spotlight Slot. Spotlight members are displayed randomly to give everyone a fair chance of exposure.
poking is a fun feature that allows members to perform virtual actions towards another member. For example, one member can "throw something at" another member etc.